Self Employed

At J&G Mortgages, we comprehend that independently employed people and entrepreneurs have special conditions for getting contract credits. As a result of deductions, their recorded salaries will generally show up much lower than they are which can make complexities during the advance application and endorsement process.

Over the past ten years, mortgages for independent contractors and small business owners have grown in popularity. Today, an increasing number of Canadians prefer to work for themselves or take contracts with their current employers to receive a wage. There are undoubtedly certain benefits to running your firm.

The option to deduct a large number of personal costs and subsequently pay less income tax is maybe the best. The drawback to this is that it can be challenging to demonstrate your income, and after taxes and deductions, your tax return frequently shows less income. As a result, if you apply for a mortgage, you might only be approved for a smaller mortgage amount or not at all.

Assuming you are independently employed, go to J&G Mortgages for help getting:

  • A home loan advance
  • An advance for home redesigns
  • Funding for your other individual necessities
  • Obligation combination